1. Name: Reagan Reed
2. Age: 12
3. Grade: 7th
4. Fowler Middle School, Tigard, OR
5. Events: 100 meters, 200 meters, 100 meter hurdles, 400 meters, Long Jump
6. RTTYL Regional Meet you are competing in: Portland 7. Numbers of years of
track and field experience or if you are new to the sport: 2nd year 8. What
city are you from: Hillsboro, OR 9. Athlete's Picture: Enclosed

Hi my name is Reagan Reed, and I recently moved from Los Angeles, CA to the
Portland, OR area.  I am in the 7th grade and will be attending Fowler
Middle School for 8th grade.  I love Track and Field, because it keeps me in
top physical condition, and it has taken me places I never thought I would

My favorite events in Track and Field are the 200 meters and the Long
Jump.  I like the 200 meters because it's not as long as the 400 meters, and
it's not as short as the 100 meter run.  It truly is the perfect race.  I
like the Long Jump, because it is physically demanding and mentally
challenging.  I try to always remember my form and to jump as high and as
long as I can.  I currently run with the Tigard Youth Track Club out of
Tigard, OR.  

I have some of the best and most experienced coaches.  Being
new to Oregon, I was afraid I was not going to fit in, but my new friends
that I have made on and off the track have eased my fears.  The best thing I
can say about running in Oregon is that even when I run against other
athletes, they have shown that they can be great sportsman whether we come
in first or last in our heats.  Because of this, I have managed to even make
friends with several very talented runners throughout the region.  This past
season, I qualified for state and regionals.  Next year, I hope to compete
at the national level.


As we go in to the off season, I will be working
with a private trainer on speed, agility and form, when I'm not doing Cross
Country for overall conditioning.  I am hoping to try several new events,
such as Javelin and the 200 meter hurdles.  My ultimate goal in Track and
Field is to make it to the Olympics and to travel the world doing what I


My uniform is ready, my spikes have been checked, and I've been hydrating
and stretching to avoid injuries, and I have Lasagna on the menu for Friday
night's meal.  I am getting pumped up about running this Saturday in the Run
Tracktown Youth Track League Championship at historic Hayward Field.  I'm
hoping to get there as early as possible to catch a couple of races for the
IAAF World Youth Championship, something I hope to be a part of someday.
Look for me in the 7/8th grade Girls 100 meter, 400 meter and Long Jump.
Good luck to everyone competing and safe travels to and from Eugene.