Hi Everyone, it’s Jordynn!

I just finished up a great week of competing, catching up with friends and meeting some new people at the AAU Club Championship in Orlando, FL! Leaving with 2 new personal best times and 2 National Championships in the 1500m and 3000m races.


Mental Preparation:


Like most, I get very nervous before races. It has gotten the best of me before races. A lot of different thoughts goes through my head which is draining.


My dad started to have me visualize my race after we talk about race strategy. I go through every part of the race. This is good because I can see myself in different situations before I go out. I want to become more consistent doing this.

Knowing my training has prepared me to be successful has been great for me. Going through tough workouts gives me the confidence I need to push myself hard when competing.



Rest & Recovery:


With 4 intense races in 5 days, I made sure I ate well and got a lot of sleep. Also, stretched and went through my foam roll routine, nightly.

I also did cryotherapy and leg compression therapy a couple of times.

3000m Championship:

I won the 3000m championship on the first day of competition. I was nervous but very confident going into the race. I missed my personal best time by 3 seconds, I finished with a time of 10:43. I was the front runner during this race and maintained the lead from start to finish. I didn’t run comfortable during the race. Mid way through, I starting twisting my top half, my arms were crossing over and I wasn’t breathing properly. I believe that caused me to run bad split times mid way through the race.


800m Prelim:


On Wednesday, I ran the 800m prelim. I have struggled for a long time in my 800 races. But on this day I came out ready and to compete with some strong runners. I stayed true to my race plan the entire race with coming across the first 200m at 32 seconds and 1:09 the first 400m. I started to close in on the leaders mid way through the 2nd lap and kicking strong to win it at the line. I finished with a 2:23 which was a big personal best time and that was the top prelim time.

1500m Championship:

On Thursday, I won the 1500m Championship with a personal best time of 4:55. I challenged myself to go out fast and stay strong and consistent for the entire race. I focused on staying relaxed, keeping my shoulders down and breathing. I’ve been working on that in practice all season, which made it easier to do while racing.

800m Final:

On the final day, I had a very exciting and challenging 800m race! All the girls went out fast and really pushed the pace. I didn’t let that take me out my race plan and still ran 1:08 first 400m. The field didn’t spread out until about the 400 mark. I had to start going faster sooner than I wanted because of how far ahead the 2 top runners were going. I ended up going 1:13 the 2nd lap and finished 4th. Didn’t quite have the endurance to finish as strong as I would’ve liked but very proud about my performance because 2:22 is a big personal best time for me.

With Brandon Miller who's one of the best runners in the country. I've seen run so much and always amaze3d with his times.
Great to be able to meet him!


Big thank you to Lillian Spivey for cheering me on for my 3000m race! It’s was great to meet her and awesome to see her win the 1500m AAU Primary Championship. She ran so strong and finished with a great kick!


With Emoni Saxton of the Ohio Heat. She had a few All American finishes and ran a fast 2:18 in the 800m!

With Isabel Conde Frankenberg, Texas Thunder, Isabella Edwards Texas Independent Lone Star. Texas girls winning the 13, 14 & 15-16 age group 3000m race at the AAU Club National Championship!

With Kadin McAllister who won the 3000m championship!

With Jaden Stanley, my training partner from Chicago. Finished an All American in the long jump!

With D’Asia Duncan. She did absolutely amazing with winning a few championships and setting the club championship record in the Pentathlon!

With Leilani Gibson who had 3 All American finishes and ran a great personal best time in the 800m race!