Here is my bio for the youth runner blog.


Elise Unruh-Thomas

Blog Bio: Hi! I am Elise Unruh-Thomas and I am 13 years old. I just
finished 7th Grade at James Madison Middle School, in Eugene Oregon. My
main events are the 100 meter and 200 meter, which I have been running
for 8 years. I am very excited to run in the RTTYL Eugene Regional Meet,
and I hope you enjoy my track experiences before even coming to this
exciting meet.

My experiences before running in the RTTYL have been fun and amazing! I
got to run with my best friend Haley and lots of my other boy and girl
friends on my track team, and I was able to make my mom and dad very
proud. I've been able to learn how to set goals and have lots of fun with
the process of training hard. But the most amazing track experiences I
have had, before the RTTYL, is recording the fastest U.S.A 200 meter time
in 2014, set 5 new track records, I won 7 championships, recorded 3 #1
national 200 meter times, I'm presently 2nd nationally ranked in the 100
meter dash, and I've recorded 9 personal best times in 1 track season. All
of these experiences has kept me humble, grateful, and most importantly
very happy, because I was able to share these experiences with family and

My experiences after running in the RTTYL Regional meet in Eugene made me
very happy because I won!! It allowed me to qualify for the RTTYL finals
and run on the biggest stage everrrr!! at the IAAF World Championships
here in Eugene. I'm also very excited for this opportunity to run a #1
national 100 meter time with family and friends. But regardless of times,
winning, or setting records, my dad- also known as my coach- has taught me
to simply have fun 1st, enjoy the process, and simply do the best I can.