Divas Race Temecula Feb. 17th 2018 - 1st Overall 5K (19:37)

10-year old Arielle Avina became the youngest female to ever win a Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series 5k with her time of 19:20 at the Synchrony Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego 5K presented by Brooks in San Diego. We've been following Arielle on instagram for awhile so it was exciting to learn of her win. We asked her a few questions about the race and here are her answers.
Photos provided by Arielle's mom from various races.


Congratulations on the big 5k win last weekend. I wish we would've been there to see the finish. It looked incredible. What do you remember about the race that you can tell us?

There was a lot of people there! I felt great! Not very tired during the race but there was a big uphill at the end that was hard! 


How cool was it to meet Desi Linden?  What did she say to you?

It was really cool! She told me to run happy! She signed my bib & I took a picture with her! I was so excited because she was the winner of the Boston Marathon & I watched the race on the computer! 



Oceanside Turkey Trot Nov 23rd 2017- First time racing a 10k - 7th overall Woman 42:47

What was your goal when you went to the starting line? Did you expect to win?

My goal was to start at the front of the race. I wanted to break 19:00mins & run a 6:05 pace. I did not expect to win! 


Do you get nervous running with older runners?  If so, how do you stay focused?


My local running trails

No, I do not usually get nervous for 5k races. I get more nervous at my youth meets! The crowds at the 5k’s help me run faster and not be nervous.



What are you doing right now for training?  Do you run miles or go out for so many minutes on running days?

I run four days a week. Three times with my running club at school and one time every weekend with my mom. At running club we run for 40 mins, some days fast, some days slow. With my mom we do one longer run on the weekend. 



We found this video on YouTube At 30 seconds in it shows Arielle coming through the finish line.


Do you have a coach or belong to a running club or team?

During cross country season I run with Temecula Time Machine. I do road races instead of track because it’s more fun for me than track! I run with my mom and sometimes Murrieta Valley High school during the summer! 


Please tell us about how you got started in running and some of your other accomplishments so far.


My 1st XC meet of 2017 -3rd Place 3K (11:50) Sept 17th 2017

My Mom was a runner in high school & her team (Murrieta Valley) won state & when I was 7-years old I beat her at a 5K. After that I joined her old youth running team, Time Machine! I’ve made it to the Junior Olympics in cross country four times & I am a two- time All-American at USATF Junior Olympics (2015 & 2017- Top 25). My PR for a 5K I got at Carlsbad 5000 this year & is 19:16. 


Any other 5k's planned for this summer?

Yes, I have one next weekend June 9th & I am hoping to break 19mins  before I turn 11 on June 13th. I also have a 10k on the 4th of July.


What do you do for fun besides running?

I love to read & I love to go to the beach & the pool! 


What is your favorite ice cream?

I love cotton candy flavor! 


What kind of running shoes do your wear?

I just started wearing Nike Zoom Pegasus 35’s & I wear flats for races!


Do you eat a certain kind of breakfast or cereal on race day?

I eat oatmeal on race day.


What advice can you share with the other girl runners out there that are watching your success?

Never Give Up, work hard, always have fun & do what makes you happy!



Lions invitational 3rd Place - October 22nd 2017