At 7:00 in the morning, I was up and ready to go to the track meet. Unfortunately, I then had to wait about five hours for my family to wake up and get moving. Being summer and all, I chose not to wake them due to the fact that the meet ALSO wasn't happening for more than five hours. So, I spent my time eating breakfast, washing up, and running around the house for fun. Every once in a while, the sun would shine into my window, telling me that todays weather would be nice. And it was. My family lives in Washington, and my friends family joined us. It was to bad that my dad couldn't make the meet. 

             We spent about two hours getting there, and when we got to Corvallis, it felt like 90 degrees, not a cloud in the sky. we were greeted by the hosts of the competition, while we struggled to walk after being sore and in a car for so long. While Ryan and I  messed around on the football gear, the rest of the group talked with the host and learned about the track meet. Apparently new events came up that I didn't sign up for. So, I winged the turbojav, and trust me- it was hard. My other events were the long jump, the 100, and the 400, all of which I managed to place, and rather nicely if I do say so myself.

             MY FIRST EVENT

In my first event, I had to chuck a torpedo shaped plastic item, called a "TurboJav." This was in fact the hardest event I've ever done, and I did poorly. I did not learn to cope with the wind, and I didn't have the right motion. After watching another kid, I learned that you have to flick your wrist, and throw it over your head. I still failed, though.

             MY SECOND EVENT Picture on the bottom

Let me say this first, this event had the hardest competition I've ever seen. Although I don't know his name, we were neck and neck in the 100, and I just barely managed to snatch first place with a lean and a lunge. As you can see, I am in lane eight, and he is in seven. Looks like he's in first? He was for a long time.

             MY THIRD EVENT

This was the 400m dash. with a lot of competitors, I had to watch everyone in order to get first place. So, I watched everyone. The only thing keeping me going was probably the competitors. They helped me. In my opinion, running with competition is easier to get a PR, because you want to be first. Sure, everyone does, but they might no think like you would. So, I tried to stay ahead of the group at all times. If you do that, that's a win.

             MY FIELD EVENT

To me, field events are the worst because you never know who wins after you compete.I did the long jump. But, I did learn a few things.

  1. Whats your top speed? After watching a few older competitors, I learned that you want to jump exactly at your top speed, so, you run along the running lane until you reach your top speed, then stop their. When you run then jump, you'll jump at your top speed.
  2. Gosh, running and jumping is hard to do with sand in your shoes. Clean them out! They can add some unwanted weight. We are still talking about track.
  3. Make sure to practice you're step! I cut off 3ft with a stutter step

             I will now be competing in July 26 at Eugene, due to my blue streak. I really enjoyed the meet, and hope that I will be able to compete next year. A big thanks to all the volunteers and organizer - Run Tracktown Youth League. I will soon be Climbing Mt. St. Helens, and some other things. Thanks again, and keep running!