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Warming up at nationals.

Answered By Coach Bob Williams


I read your advice on how to warmup for a xc race. However at nationals they hold you in a warmup tent without much room to move around and give you about 5 min to do strides. What is your advice in that situation?


You have a great question! This is how I helped solve this real problem this past Saturday at Reno. The father of the runner found out that the girls only needed to be at the tent 15 minutes before the start to check in. 1. So with about 35 minutes before the 15 min check in the athlete ran for 15 minutes warm up - slow and easy; 2. Then dynamic stretching for about 5-10 minutes; 3. Then 4 x 100 - or about 35 seconds - 1 each at 5k,5k,3k,1500 rhythm, about 15-20 seconds rest between each by walking - NO Standing Still! 4. Then 3 x 200m on the flat ( not uphill) - or about 45 seconds each at about the pace you will be running in the middle of the race 5k Rhythm These “200”’s arouse the body’s lactate system and readies the legs and aerobic system true readiness for the event; 5. Into the tent, walking around - BUT, ask to go to the bathroom every 3-4 minutes; Leave and jog for 2-3 minutes easy; 6. Finally, on the line, run an easy 200 and return to the line ready to compete!

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